5 AM CLUB – Every April and October Established in 2018

“This club is a motivator! This last session focused on health. I’m down 10lbs and back in the gym. I’ve completed another book and continue to use my small outdoor space as a connector to the sacred and a place to decompress. Getting up at 5am with people who are all about improving sets a tone for growth!! Get on Up!!”

Rhonda Varner, 5am Club Member

The 5AM Club was established as an accountability group to motivate members to establish new habits and create a routine that helps reach the individual goals. The Club runs during the months of October and April each year, Monday through Friday at 5am. Each Club has been led by a theme for that month including, health, finances, and a well balanced holistic lifestyle since 2018. What started out as a dial-in club with no visual accountability has evolved into a much stricter video call-in with a quick warm up, gratitude, and cameras on group led accountability club. Check out some of the highlights of our 5am Club below.

Jamel Owens, Real Estate Agent, Investor, & Engineer October 2021 5AM Club

Leila Mills, Marketing Manager and Community Advocate

October 2021 5AM Club

Verlaine Quinniey, Founder, The Connect 757

Join the next 5am Club for April 2022!

Our April 2022 theme is THRIVE as a LEADER. The Connect 757’s theme for 2022 is THRIVE so it is only right that it is incorporated into our 5am club this year as well. How does it work? After joining, you will receive a link to join our private 5am community!

For the month of April, each week we will tap into these topics:

Week 1: Leading Yourself

Week 2: Leading in the Community

Week 3: Leading at Work *in your business or as an employee

Week 4: Week of Wins

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Join 5am Club

Members actively participate in weekly accountability for personal, professional, financial, spiritual, and/or health goals set. Members will use the zoom link provided to join the daily calls that take place, Monday – Friday AT 5am for 20-30 minutes. This is an accountability group and we all want to win so we do require the video to be on at the beginning of each morning.


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