The 5AM Club was established as an accountability group to motivate members to establish new habits and create a routine that helps reach the individual goals. The Club runs during the months of October and April each year, Monday through Friday at 5am. Each Club has been led by a theme for that month including, health, finances, and a well balanced holistic lifestyle since 2018. What started out as a dial-in club with no visual accountability has evolved into a much stricter video call-in with a quick warm up, gratitude, and cameras on group led accountability club. Check out some of the highlights of our 5am Club below.

Jamel Owens, Real Estate Agent, Investor, & Engineer October 2021 5AM Club

“This club is a motivator! This last session focused on health. I’m down 10lbs and back in the gym. I’ve completed another book and continue to use my small outdoor space as a connector to the sacred and a place to decompress. Getting up at 5am with people who are all about improving sets a tone for growth!! Get on Up!!”

Rhonda Varner, 5am Club Member

Leila Mills, Marketing Manager and Community Advocate

October 2021 5AM Club

Verlaine Quinniey, Founder, The Connect 757

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