Meet the Founder & CEO

Verlaine Quinniey, Founder & CEO

The Connect 757 was created by Verlaine Quinniey, melanated millennial mom, and lover of all things sparkly and pink! She’s pretty smart too! She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Hampton University and her Master of Public Administration from Old Dominion University. She is the go-to person for “connecting” people from all industries and different interests! She loves traveling, movie nights, pina coladas, beach bumming.

She has managed to gain experience in the public sector, nonprofit, and private sector. Verlaine has served on several nonprofit boards and committees over the last 8 years She values collaboration and works closely with businesses and organizations when developing new events. She is passionate about giving back, guiding others to reach their goals and their full potential, and most importantly ensuring members are enjoying the process along the way.

In just under 2 years, she has been able to develop a network that allows young professionals to grow personally and professionally, while having fun and stepping outside of their comfort zones throughout Hampton Roads, The Connect 757.

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