Networking 101: Relax, Smile, Shake Some Hands, and be Yourself!…and if you’re not feeling it, go home. 

So I love meeting new people! Like I enjoy collecting friends. I am so fascinated by everyone's unique story and what they have to offer. Unfortunately, I meet so many young people that want to get out there, meet more people, and just shine, BUT they don't know where to begin! Take a look at [...]

Is It Time to Update Your Resume? Make Sure You Have These Three Things Today!

The resume is the first impression the employer has before they even meet you. Are they tossing your resume or scheduling an interview? Here are three things your resume must have to catch the employers eye. 1. Branding Statement Your branding statement should be one of the first things an employer sees on your resume. [...]

Starting Your Career? Top 10 Tips for Young Professionals

I was asked to speak to a group of Young Professionals and wanted to provide my Top 10 Tips for Young Professionals. Network, Network, and Network! This is the time of your life where you should be building meaningful relationships with other professionals. Whether you are meeting people within the same industry or branching out [...]