Dynamic Dialogues

Dynamic Dialogues is our Personal & Professional Development Networking Series that is dedicated to discussing topics relevant to Black Young Professionals in Hampton Roads that will help us grow personally and professionally. 

2021 Dynamic Dialogues Series

April: TRAVEL MORE with The Pack Roadtrip Travel Club, Surreal Journeys Travel, Worldly Travels, and BMORE See More.

March: The Art of Communication with Andre St. George

2020 Dynamic Dialogues Series

JANUARY: Ruth Jones- Establishing Your Professional Presence

MARCH:  Aleea Slappy Wilson- Becoming Your Own Best Boss-  Entrepreneurship & Turning the Side Hustle into a Profitable Business

MAY: Securing the Bag with Taekeia Dowling – Financial  Advisor, Danica Royster – Financial Advisor, Tremaine Wills – Investment Advisor

2019 Dynamic Dialogues Series

OCTOBER: Mental Health and Growing within Career- Jenay Garrett

NOVEMBER: Partnerships & Building Relationships- Mark Johnson

DECEMBER: Living the Life you Envision & Getting Out of Your Own Way- Jessica Larshe

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