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The Melanated Spark is a conversational podcast to help spark change in your life. Join host, Verlaine Quinniey, each month to spark open and honest conversations around business, relationships, and work life balance.

This podcast is an extension of Verlaine’s The Connect 757 community and an opportunity to hear from her and her special guest to spark conversations to help each other learn, grow, and win at this thing called life.

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Intentional Dating in 2021 Melanated Spark Podcast

On this episode, I sit down with Antione Hines, Serial Entrepreneur, and Tyra Anderson, Kindergarten Teacher, who were very intentional when moving into this chapter of their lives. The Pandemic has changed the game when it comes to dating and statistics are showing that many online daters are transitioning to being more intentional when it comes to dating instead of a simple swipe. In this episode of Melanated Spark, we discuss what intentional dating looks like, the importance of being whole before deciding to date, and we go through some of the conversations you should be having with potential partners to see if that relationship is worth exploring exclusively. Enjoy and share your thoughts with us online! Feel free to share this episode, leave a comment, and subscribe to Melanated Spark! Melanated Spark is an extension of The Connect 757 – The Social Network for Black Professionals in Hampton Roads.  — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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