Is It Time to Update Your Resume? Make Sure You Have These Three Things Today!


The resume is the first impression the employer has before they even meet you. Are they tossing your resume or scheduling an interview? Here are three things your resume must have to catch the employers eye.

1. Branding Statement

Your branding statement should be one of the first things an employer sees on your resume. By including a branding statement, you will tell why you are qualified for that job in one quick sentence while grabbing their attention at the same time.

2. Relevant Experience

Do NOT include all of your experience on your resume. Again, I repeat, DO NOT include ALL of your experience on your resume. You want to include only the relevant positions and duties for the job you are applying for. The employer does not want to guess how you are qualified, but it should be laid out and easy for the employer to see why you would be a great addition to the company.

3. Keywords

Keywords allow your resume to jump off the paper and really showcase your skills in a way the employer can actually relate. Keywords should be words used in that industry and words that the employer should be familiar with. They are words that are descriptive and really show your skills and leadership.

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