So many people have yet to figure our what their purpose is in life. I’ve attended so many workshops, conferences, and speaking engagements, and the well-established keynote speaker would always tell the audience to follow their passions, goals…blah blah blah! Every time I would hear this, I would get so annoyed. I mean, it is easy for them to promote that since they’ve worked in a fabulous career that has allowed them to make BANK so they can get to the point of being able to do what they love, right?

Well, this is true to an extent. When you follow your passion (and what God has called you to do), He will definitely provide everything else. My story is similar to many others. I’ve had a business idea for several years but finally decided to act on it when I was forced to. God kept moving things around in my life to get me to pay attention to what he wanted me to do.

Now, here I am! I still work full time but I am building my business and my brand on the side. I completely LOVE event planning, connecting, and building relationships with other young professionals. Once I decided to take the leap of faith, everything else fell into place. I have learned to trust God and stop trying to do everything on my own 🙂

So what is my why? I am here to connect other young melanated professionals so that we can level-up together and make a difference in this world.

Published by Verlaine Quinniey

Verlaine is the Founder & CEO for The Connect 757. She is on a mission to connect Black Professionals so we can #getconnected & #stayconnected. Email:

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