The Connect 757 Supports the 2nd Annual Broad Creek Angel Tree

assorted gift boxes under christmas tree

The Connect 757 is sponsoring two youth this season for Broad Creek’s Angle Tree! Connect 757 member, Jasmine Benford is currently coordinating this event for her community.

The Broad Creek apartment community consists of low-income family households, 90% of which live on public housing subsidies and your sponsorship will be sure to bless one of our many youths this year. 

We have been assigned two amazing young boys and we have put two teams together to gather items for each child! We are excited to support The Broad Creek Angel Tree this year.

Please email Verlaine Quinniey at to express your interest in volunteering to support the Broad Creek Angle Tree with The Connect 757. To support the youth we are collecting items for you can send monetary donations to cashapp $theconnect757 or schedule pick up with Verlaine at 757-797-6333 before December 12th to ensure all items are provided to Broad Creek by December 17th.

If you’d like your organization to sponsor additional youth, please reach our to Jasmine Benford to coordinate.

The Connect 757 Sponsored Children:

Your Sponsored Child 1: Male 

  • Age: 11 months 
  • Clothing Size: 15 months 
  • Shoe Size: 7c
  • Wishlist Items: Learning Activities 

Your Sponsored Child 2: Male 

  • Age: 8
  • Clothing Size: 8-10
  • Shoe Size: 3
  • Wishlist Items: Nerf gun, basketball w hoop, basketball

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