The Melanated Cabin Retreat Weekend Recap

The #MelanatedCabinRetreat was the start of an annual retreat to bring some melanin to the mountains. We had an amazing time at our first #MelanatedCabinRetreat hosted at Massanutten Resort in McGaheysville, Virginia – just about 3.5 hours from Virginia Beach, Virginia. We were able to secure a cabin that would accomodate our large party, 16 […]

3 Ways to Stay One Step Ahead as a Young Professional

1. Keep your Resume Updated “Always be ready so you don’t have to get ready.” We’ve all heard that before! As a young professional, you need to always have your stuff together. By “stuff” I mean your professional portfolio. And by “Professional Portfolio” I’m referring to your Resume, Cover Letter, and References. As you’re moving […]

Networking 101: Relax, Smile, Shake Some Hands, and be Yourself!…and if you’re not feeling it, go home. 

So I love meeting new people! Like I enjoy collecting friends. I am so fascinated by everyone’s unique story and what they have to offer. Unfortunately, I meet so many young people that want to get out there, meet more people, and just shine, BUT they don’t know where to begin! Take a look at […]