Virtual Wine Tasting in 2021 with The Connect 757 and The Pack Roadtrip Travel Club

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The Pandemic, as we all know, has forced many businesses to continue to pivot and The Connect 757 is no different. The Connect 757 teamed up with The Pack Roadtrip Travel Club to bring a new virtual experience to the Hampton Roads community. We were excited to support 24 year old, Abner Montfleury, Founder of Montfleur Duvin.

We had a blast learning more about Abner Montfleury, the Founder of Montfleur Duvin. He shared his story of venturing into creating his first wine collection, his inspiration for naming his wines, and how he is planning to evolve over the next few years – including launching his first red wine and recently creating an ice cream variation. *His ice cream is currently only available in Maryland but his wine ships to 40 states.

His debut wine. Yvonne, was inspired by and named after his grandmother. Abner explained how the strong women in his life has made such an impact on the man he is today and wanted to have their legacy weaved into his wine.

We were led by Andrae Marable, Founder of The Pack Roadtrip Travel Club, as he explained the steps in properly tasting wine. Yvonne is an aromatic white wine made with Gewürztraminer grapes. Your senses are captivated by the fragrance of a lovely wildflower bouquet over a crisp palate with pleasing hints of ripe peaches. This is a great transition wine for those that are looking to expand their pallets outside of the popular Moscato’s or sweeter wines. Yvonne is a semi-sweet wine that pairs well with spicy and rich foods.

One thing that stood out about Abner was his passion for wanting to encourage others to tap into the industry. If you or anyone else is thinking about getting started in the industry, feel free to reach out to him.

We encourage anyone that did not get a chance to join us for our Virtual Wine Tasting, to take advantage of 20% off using code “MDWINE” or receive free shipping if you order 4+ bottles of wine.

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