We are excited to see the return of Hampton Roads Black Restaurant Week for the third year in a row. This is a week that celebrates culture, creativity, and flavors and we are here for it. This is an opportunity to really support and try some new restaurants throughout the 757 while sampling a variety of courses or dishes at discounted prices. This week is like no other because it has participating restaurants than span across the 757 to include the peninsula AND the southside with a variety of cuisines to satisfy all of our taste buds.

Hampton Roads Black Restaurant Week starting February 15th.

You can visit some of your favorites spots that have been on the list each year but don’t forget to check out some of the new restaurants that were added this year. Hampton Roads Black Restaurant Week has already started and is taking place from February 15 – 21. This week was created and led by The Black Owned Restaurant Association, LLC. Their website states  “Hampton Roads Black Restaurant Week aims to UNITE Culture and Flavor during Black History Month with week-long culinary adventure dedicated to experiencing Hampton Roads’ black-owned restaurants.”

We took a look at the list and broke down each restaurant based off of the city they’re located in.

Portsmouth: Beyond Vegan Cell Food

Norfolk: Canvas Social Cuisine, Cork & Co, Martin’s Soulfood

Virginia Beach: J&K Style Grill

Suffolk: Wall Street Cafe

Hampton: Bowman’s Soul N The Wall, Charolotte’s, Got Fish, Mango Mangeaux, Pinkfish, Roux, Scratch Bakery, Sunsplash Caribbean Restaurant, Wing Bistro

Newport News: Couture Cakes by Nika, Martin’s Soulfood, Scratch Bakery

What are you planning to try this week?

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Verlaine is the Founder & CEO for The Connect 757. She is on a mission to connect Black Professionals so we can #getconnected & #stayconnected. Email: theconnect757@gmail.com

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