Thank you for all of those that attended our first in-person Dynamic Dialogues, Diversity of Blackness at Montego Island Grill in Virginia Beach. Guests were able to take advantage of happy hour drink and food specials upon arrival, network until about 7 o’clock, then we jumped right into the discussion!

The panel shared their backgrounds and we held an open discussion around several questions that were drawn from a bowl. To keep the mood a little light after work but still hit on several topics, questions fell within three different topics, Struggles and Stigmas, Background and Upbringing, and Leadership & Workplace. Each panelist added so much value while being completely vulnerable and transparent about their experiences.

Thank you to our panelist for allowing us to hold such a great discussion for Black History Month. Many times we look around for diversity but forget to tap into our own community. This month, we did just that. We listened to our peers, colleagues, and friends to allow them to share their experiences. Our panel included, Sophia Brimm, Brian Niles Owen, Camron Phillips, Omoyeni Feyisayo, Tashique Thomas, and our moderator, Shamika Kentish.

Dynamic Dialogues has been the personal and professional development series for The Connect 757 for the last two years. We hosted our first discussion in May 2019. Since then, we’ve hosted over 11 different discussions throughout the years to bring black professionals together to have discussions around topics relevant to our community.

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